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The business environment is constantly evolving and organisations may not always have resources to fulfil every innovative concept. Invenio has in-house capabilities to manage projects from ideation, design and product development, prototype testing to manufacturing. We can also help set up a single system of record to support diverse data needs and recommend best practices learnt during operation to improve on future system roll-out.

Invenio China provides the following specialist services in CAE / Computation and Simulation:


  • Assessment of emergency stop effects and shock calculations incl. technical documentation
  • Transport, earthquake, explosion as well as positive and negative pressure simulations
  • Multi-body analysis as the basis for strength calculations
  • Buckling, stability and damage analysis
  • Inertia, damping effects and vibration behaviour taken into consideration
  • Dynamic collision assessments in the field of automotive, railway as well as medical devices
  • Linear, non-linear as well as static and dynamic structure calculations


  • Flow calculations with fluids, gases or mixtures
  • Calculation of flow velocity, flow distributions and pressure losses
  • Laminar and turbulent flow behaviour
  • Single and multi-phase flows – compressible and in-compressible media
  • Interaction with the surrounding construction (fluid structure interaction)
  • Filling procedures with free fluid surfaces including sloshing
  • Calculation of wind loads on components and structures


  • Evaluation of fatigue strength according to the applicable procedures and norms
  • Report preparation for testing or certification authorities
  • Strength verification of adhesive and riveted connections
  • Testing of fatigue strength of plastics
  • Evaluation of stresses in weld seams
  • Evaluation of stresses from the spectral vibration analysis (ʹvibrating tableʹ)
  • Systematic calculation of high duty bolted joints


  • Stationary and non stationary temperature field calculations
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis
  • Heat transfer via convection, radiation and conduction
  • Assessment of structural behaviour taking thermal expansion and contraction into account
  • Coupling of temperature field- and flow analysis
  • Thermal flow simulations with chemical reactions
  • Thermo shock simulations


  • Modal analysis for determining the Eigen frequencies
  • Spectral analysis – simulation of a vibration table test
  • Dynamic response analysis in time and frequency range
  • Simulation of fatigue vibration strength
  • Identification of deformations due to vibrations
  • Stiffness optimisation to avoid resonance effects
  • Determination of the required damping properties


  • DIN EN 12663 – Structural requirements for rail vehicle bodies
  • DIN EN 13749 – Method of specifying the strength requirements of bogie frames
  • DIN EN 15227 – Requirements for collision safety for rail vehicle bodies
  • DIN EN 61373 – Shock and vibration tests
  • Eurocode 3 – Measurement and construction of steel structures
  • FKM-Guideline for strength assessments on machine components
  • DVS-Guideline 1608/1612 – Form and fatigue strength evaluation of weld connections


  • Crash analysis of vehicle structures and components
  • Airbag analysis – Airbag door opening and loading on adjacent components
  • Analytical design of the front of the vehicle with respect to pedestrian safety
  • Calculation of passenger protection in front and side impact collisions
  • Interior design for the cockpit, greenhouse and door trim
  • Seat calculations including seat belt and mountings
  • Layout of surrogate tests for component development


  • Geometry optimisation based on strength analysis
  • Improvement of flow and thermomechanical parameter
  • Analysis on the use of alternative materials
  • Avoidance of critical stress singularities
  • Weight reduction compliance with strength and stiffness requirements
  • Parameter optimisation, for example in occupant restraint systems
  • Proposals for solutions taking structural feasibility into account

The extensive portfolio and the many years of expertise in the field of computation and simulation bring our customers a distinct competitive advantage in engineering.

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