Sorting and Rework

In the event of any interruptions caused by poor quality of supplied parts, immediate measures have to be taken to minimise disruption in the manufacturing process. This includes checking and sorting of defective batches in the assembly line and at warehouses, and may also include rework or repair of defective parts of suppliers.


Our team will sort and inspect all incoming parts to stop any non-conforming parts from being used in production.


Our team will try to rework/repair non-conforming parts to bring them back to conformity. The part can now be accepted by your customer in production without being returned to supplier.

  • Customer-Oriented

    • Supplier product quality evaluation
    • Supplier quality management evaluation
    • Customer claim management

  • Process Control

    • Inspection audits
    • Process monitor and capacity upgrade
    • 5S Management

  • Data Management

    • 7 Days a week, 24 hour service
    • Real time online data management
    • Daily reports with detailed information

Benefits of Sorting and Reworks

  • Cheap and effective method for improvement in product quality
  • Fast response-time – intervention at customer’s site in a time period specified by them
  • Systematic reporting of checks to provide reliable information for Quality Department
  • Reduction of costs associated with stopping the production line
  • Providing only quality compatible components – maintaining continuity of production
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