Control Shipping Level 1, 2, 3

When a customer receives unacceptable level of non-conforming parts from a supplier, the customer will put the supplier under Controlled Shipping Level regime.  The supplier must then immediately arrange for an inspection process to prevent further delivery of non-conforming parts.

Controlled shipping can be applied at three different levels CSL1, CSL2 or CSL3,  with CSL1 and CSL2 being the most commonly used levels.

  • CSL1

    Suppliers' own staff or 3rd party executes 100% inspection on products before shipping to customer.

  • CSL2

    If the supplier has failed to rectify the quality issues in CSL1 or has significant problems in quality, the customer may require CSL2. A third party is then selected by the supplier and approved by customer to carry out CSL2, and is executed within or outside of the supplier's factory. CSL2 is paid for by the supplier.

  • CSL3

    Long term operation involving a third party helping supplier find the root cause for re-occurring issues and suggesting an improvement plan.

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