Specialist Recruitment

Having been in business since 1986, Invenio has accumulated an international network of more than 30,000 highly qualified professionals with extensive experience from industry leading corporations.

Invenio is your ideal partner for technical staffing needs. We have strong focus on relationship management with both candidates and employers and this sets us apart from other recruiters. We understand your industry and are in touch with the ever changing business landscape.

We understand your business needs and will source the right candidate for you. Our approach is a fully scalable and customisable process that not only caters to the needs of clients’ business but also aims to identify professionals and executives who are ready to hit the ground running and lead the way forward.

What sets Invenio apart

  • We have access to a global pool of technical and engineering candidates
  • Our recruitment consultants come with technical backgrounds to better understand customer requirements
  • We have a thorough understanding of competitive remuneration within the global industry to attract the best talent
  • Invenio makes the job seeking process a positive experience for all candidates, regardless of the outcome
  • We protect the customer brand at all times

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