Supplier Quality Development

Typical Quality Issues Automotive OEM & Suppliers Face

  • Your suppliers fail to deliver good quality products
  • Clients call to say that products delivered have failed and will be returned
  • You have no way to track where the product failure originated from
  • Even with the knowledge of product failure, there is no plan on how to rectify the problem
  • Your team or your client tell you the product failure is due to the product design and not production
  • Customer satisfaction is low and without your employees in customer’s factories, you don’t have the full picture for rectifying issues
  • You struggle to train your own employees in the Quality department

Safety – Quality – Quantity

Invenio’s Supplier Quality Development (SQD) Services

Invenio is a global engineering services provider to the automotive supply chain from design development to production, including 5 specialised business units for Supplier Quality Development (SQD).

  • 1. Sorting and Rework

  • 2. Control Shipping Level 1, 2, 3

  • 3. Resident Engineers

  • 4. Process Analysis and Improvement

  • 5. Auditing and Certification


Our company offers specialised and high-quality training services, workshops and interpersonal skills improvement courses. Our instructors are fully qualified instructors. If you like Invenio to host custom courses, group or individual courses for employees in other locations or training programs at your organisation’s premises, contact us with your requirements.

Invenio is your SQD partner

  • We build a containment system to sort and improve on suppliers’ failure rates
  • The containment and rework system is built within your factories or your client’s factories. This guarantees that only 100% good products are allowed in assembly and reduces product returns (which would have led to increased shipping and freight costs)
  • We have a 24/7 tracking system to ensure timely identification of the source of failure, rectify the issue and minimise downtime
  • We engage the design team prior to production to improve design quality and prevent future failure due to poor design
  • We provide highly experienced SQD engineers and resident engineers onsite
  • Big data analysis improves your quality issues, as well as your suppliers’
  • We provide quality and lean manufacturing training for your employees
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